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Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2016

Out Now: Ordensburg,Division Hagal, Stahlfront, Nation War, Order of the White Hand, Gorrenje

Ordensburg - Weder Tod noch Teufel DigiPack CD and Jewel Case CD

The second album of the German politically incorrect Black Metal band, has now appeared.

a lot has changed, much has remained the same and a 100% increase on the first album is done...

the album there are as usual also in strictly limited 100 Edition, as a four-page, color digipack with booklet top surrounded by a sturdy , white, padded envelope. This is extra printed on the front and the CD is in this envelope by hand, sealed with red wax shipped.

DigiPack and jewel case differ from the layout!


Division Hagal - Operation Niedergand DigiPack CD

The one-man known project Division Hagal sets after 10 years of self-imposed break finally your debut album above.

musical you further developed extremely, it is a more than clear difference between the demo and this album to hear!

lyrically you remains but completely true to himself, what absolutely to welcome german texts that speak one of the heart , well conceived and perfectly to the music matched.

the CD will be released as a limited edition 4-side DigiPack with a circulation of 500 copies.

Stahlfront - Wiederkehr der Ahnen LP

Here finally the LP version of the first Stahlfront  sold out as CD album.

-Limited Edition

-new layout

-LP box bag

-thick double-sided printed insert

-available in three diffrent colors

-limitation 314 copies total

Nation War - Deaths Commands Under Totenkopf Sign Pro - Tape

Here the Pro - tape version of the new nation was 'Deaths commands under skull sign' album. The cassette contains a bonus track which is not included on the upcoming CD and is limited to 100 copies!

who is a mix of ancient Evil, Der Stürmer and Wolfnacht, Nation War just right!

raw, underground, and gruff produced Black Metal.

Order Of The White Hand - T - Shirt

New shirt, the Finnish Black Metal group Order of the White Hand.

limitation is 88 copies.

Gorrenje - Rabenglanz T - Shirt

Exclusive shirt, the German Black Metal group Gorrenje.

limitation is 100 copies.

All releases are available in our online shop!