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Samstag, 6. Februar 2016


Wehrhammer - Eroberung durch Finsternis Digi Pack CD

This years sold out album from 2000, as re - Relesse with new layout and in the Digi Pack

limitation is 500 copies.

Division Triad / War 88 - The Way of Numen - Final Solution Pro - Tape

Tape version of the very good split, tape has a new layout.

limited to 100 copies

Ewiges Reich - Nur Frei bei Nacht Pro - Tape

The latest album of the Hessian butcher, furious, more sinister German black metal.

the best album of the group!

limited to 100 copies, the cover was changed.

Infamous - Rovine e Disperazione Pro - Tape

Infamous is currently one of the best Black metal groups that has to offer Italy, raw, icy and gloriously unpolished but because yet melodic music comes along, and has this underground charm to miss these days when many BM group.

Friends of the primordial surface of black steel will have 'Pleasure' this works!

limited to 100 copies.

Nekrokrist SS / Infamous - Spli Pro - Tape

The time immemorial planned split between the fins of NEKROKRIST SS and the Italian INFAMOUS is now a Pro - Tape on the Hammerbund appeared.

Each of the two groups is represented by four new songs on the sound, the playtime is 41 minutes a successful layout of course there are, the limitation is 100 copies!

Nekrokrist SS:
1. Lähtölaukaus
2. Antakaa jo kuolla
3. The circle
4. Herrani viha

1. Decadenza I
2. Decadenza II
3. Decadenza III
4. Among these cold walls

Stahlfront - Logo Patch (12 x 8cm)
German black metal group Stahlfront, the patch is woven from stitched edging.

limited to 100 Copies.

Wehrhammer - Patch (10cm)

German black metal group Wehrhammer, the patch is woven from stitched edging.

limited to 200 Copies. 

Wehrhammer - Eroberung durch Finsternis T - Shirt

official T - shirt of the German BM group Wehrhammer.

Limited to 88 Copies.
Material: 100% cotton
T-Shirt - Color: Black
Brand: Fruit of the Loom
Printing color: white
Front and Back Print
Printing Process: Thüringer screenprinting

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

 Stahlfront - Im Zeichen der Reinheit Zip Hood

- Sweat Jacket with hood
- Fruit of the Loom color: black
- Printing color: white
- Pressure: Front pressure, back pressure
- Pleasant and soft quality cotton
- Fit: Basic form
- Collar: Hooded
- Neckline: Round Neck
- Sleeve Style: Long Sleeve
- Cuffs: ribbed
- Lock type: zip
- Hood: with drawstring, lined with clayey Shirt Goods

Sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL.

Oder per Mail: Hammerbund@gmx.de or www.hammerbund.bigcartel.com