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Montag, 9. November 2015


WEHRHAMMER - Im sinne der Grausamkeit Digi Pak CD

Here as re - release the album "Im Sinne der Grausamkeit" of 2001 ayps, what do you have great writing for Wehrhammer, I think the band name is known beyond the borders of the German fatherland, the album title speaks for itself and, of course, also program.

So with it is, the stretching rack straightened, the iron maiden spruced up and led people to the Schafot.

CD is Limited to 500 Copies.

GRATZUG - Erhabenheit Folder CD
Normal Version from the newest Album of Gratzug.
Limited to 500 Copies.


GRATZUG - Marter Jewel Case CD
Re - Release from the second Album.
 Limited to 500 Copies.

HOLOCAUST - The Call of Thuringian Woods T - Shirt

As it constantly ask for the 2003 published T - shirt was the Thuringian Black Metal Holocaust  has Hammerbund released a new Edition from the shirt.

But it has been printed from her in a modified, so that retained the exclusivity of the edition.

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