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Montag, 5. Oktober 2015

OUT NOW: Gratzug - Erhabenheit CD Special Edition, Totenburg - Peststurm CD, Totenburg Logo Patch

GRATZUG - Erhabenheit Digipack CD - Special Edition
The fourth Gratzug album "Erhabenheit", 9 new tracks + a cover version of Lunar Auroras "Habergoaß".
The album is released on CDs in 6 sidet coloured Digipack limited to 100 copies are in numbered Vellum printed envelopes sealed by sealing wax.


TOTENBURG - Peststurm CD

The 1998 'Peststurm "demo" on CD in the DVD case, with remastered sound.

Limited to 100 Copies.

  TOTENBURG - Logo Patch (11 x 7 cm)
German black metal group Totenburg, the patch is woven from stitched edging.

The patch in a black square envelope will be delivered sealed with printed red band.

Order to: www.hammerbund.bigcartel.com or Hammerbund@gmx.de

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