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Mittwoch, 1. April 2015

GRATZUG - Bei da Nacht LP, GRATZUG - Mondtore and Der ewiger Bund Digi Pack CDs, ORDENSBURG CD , EWIGER WALD CD

Its exactly 92 Years ago, one of the most mystic and brutal crimes happened in a small village in the forests in bavaria. During the night from the 31th of March to the 1st of April a whole family, with child and baby, was slaughtered with a pickaxe. The murderer got never caught. To keep this scenario alive, GRATZUGs NEW LP "BEI DA NACHT" is NOW AVAILABLE on vinyl (lim. 100). 
This release will be only available one time and only on vinyl !
1. Intro
2. Spuren im Schnee
3. Macht
4. Finstre Einöde
5. Gottlose Mörderhand
6. Outro

Also the long awaited re-releases of "MONDTORE" (A5-Digibook + 3 bonussongs) and "DER EWIGE BUND" as digipack CD are now available again!

ORDENSBURG - Legenden des Krieges Jewel Case CD
After the Ordensburg debut album the Digi Pack was sold out within a few weeks, we put here is the jewel case CD version of the album after, for all the who missed it to strike at Digi!

EWIGER WALD -  Von alten Zeiten Jewel Case CD
The sold out debut album is available again, the Cd has a new layout, which looks excellent.

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