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Donnerstag, 19. März 2015

OUT NOW: TOTENBURG - Peststurm Lp and SIEG ODER TOD - Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt CD

TOTENBURG - Peststurm LP

Here, finally, the Lp version of the successful Demo from 1998' Peststurm..

Specially for this LP a new layout was provided and have a Re - mastered Sound.

- 300gr. b/w caste pocket
- b/w. printed investor
- 300 handnr. Copies (black vinyl)

SIEG ODER TOD - Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt CD

Finally, it is accomplished, from now there are all songs of Sieg oder Tod which were to be heard on for a long time out-of-print sound carriers and which were already searched since half an eternity on a CD pressed!

On the ears there are 28 cultivated hits with a playing time of more than 60 minutes in the incomparable Sieg oder Tod style. 

The normal CD version appears with 8-asided fully colored Booklet, incl. lyrics, drawings etc. is limited on 333 copies.

 However, of course there also is a Specially edition again, this is limited on 100 copies.

The Specially edition exists of the following:
4-asided colored Caste Pocket
8-asided booklet
more colorfully on both sides of printed CD cover with locking flap
1 Sieg oder Tod – Race'n Rolling patch 


 Here one means sometimes again to strike, because, as usual, counts, if away, then away!

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