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Freitag, 28. Februar 2014

OUT NOW: NORDREICH - Am Hünengrab Lp, SKOGR - Woodet Ritual PRO - TAPE

NORDREICH - Am Hünengrab LP 2014

The second Demo from NORDREICH on LP, all Songs new recordet, the Lp is limited to 313 Units comes with Poster, printed Innersleeves and  gray - marbled Vinyl.

 Seite A:
01. Der Wölfe Ruf
02. Am Hünengrab
03. Heimat, Sehnsucht, Verderben...
04. Germanische Wiedergeburt

Seite B:
05. Unantastbar
06. Blendwerk
07. Hagal Odal
08. Gefallen treu
09. Es ist gerüstet
10. Siegwille 

 SKOGR - Wooded Ritual Pro - Tape 

 Dark Black Metal from Illinois / Iowa (USA) in the style of newer Satanic Warmaster or Drowing the Light Albums, with which one with the quiet conscience which can risk an one or other cut-off ear.

The Skogr Marterial appears on cassettes made in the Pressfactory, with direct print, on length cut tapes, the Tape is limited to 50 Units.