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Montag, 23. Dezember 2013

GRATZUG - der ewige Bund T - Shirt, GEIMHRE and GRAATINDR Pro - Tapes


GRATZUG - der ewige Bund T - Shirt 

This time there is to the new Gratzug work also quick limited T - shirt, in all current dimensions!
The black shirts are provided with a darkly gray front pressure,
the shirt is nicely printed old school on the front and is limited on 33 copies!

Availably in the Sices: S, M, L, XL and XXL

GRAATINDR - Blant høye fjell dypet kaller Pro - Tape

The Graatindr demo is limited as strictly limited Pro - tape on 50 copies about the Hammerbund appeared.
It offers 6 raw, ice-cold Norwegian hymns BM which easily in the early 90th could have originated.
The music sprays the charm of a time when the BM from the land of the dark woods and icy fjords had not so grown soft as nowadays.

Resemblances between older Norwegian groups BM like Tulus, Mock/Demonic, Trelldom or Kampfar, and the material which here on tape were banished, cannot be denied and the pieces know the listener to satisfy / inspire.

GEIMHRE - XII Pro - Tape

Hammerbund is proud to present arms limited pro cassette of brilliant  Canada Black Metal terrorists, Geimhre with the title XII.
The songs on the cassette an aggregation of out-of-print and raw never before belonged material from the whole time of Geimhre existence.
Tape is limited to 100 Copies !

For Orders write me a E - Mail !!!!

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